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It’s the lit things that matter

I’m trying my best. It’s just that the little things you do to me, matter. I know that’s how you are and your in a ruff spot. But please realize sometimes what you do, how you say it, and how you act, I notice it. I try and just let it be. But it gets to a point like, why are you mad or so irritated at me. And then I dislike how everything using so serious with you now and I can never joke with you like before. Your still the same but you act different with me now. I know I know we’re not supposed to, but come on!!! Really?!?!? It’s like you don’t talk to me anymore!?! You don’t tell me anything!!! I feel like your pushing me away or I’m losing you and I don’t want to!!! I love you and I love him!!!! How many times do I have to prove it.

If You wanna talk or know what are the little things I notice. Ask me and I’ll tell you. Every time you do it, it chips a little tiny piece of my heart, And it’s hurting.

I know I have to be strong, but you, you have to be strong with me. No matter what, we are in this together. We’ll fall sometimes but we need to pick each other up, And I’ll never leave you behind or I’ll die trying!

But if you read this, know that I love you not because of him, but bc what we have been through to get to this point. But with time I am willing to change my future with you.

Hehaheha p.s.
Don’t laugh but the last 3 paragraphs look like a bunch of quotes. But Foreal I do mean it!!!

Apr 30th, 2012
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